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Tree Tops

Host Your Event or Film From This Elevated Vantage Perched High Within The Forest Canopy!

The many Lands of Clifton’s Republic provide an extensive variety of offerings to match any occasion or need.  Built upon a foundation of quality, rarity and craftsmanship and steeped in a philosophy of “nothing but the best,” The Tree Tops embodies the spirit of Clifton’s.  Featuring a stunning Art Nouveau back bar and elegant furnishings, this top-shelf space allows guests a special vantage from which to view our three-story Cathedral Grove and the iconic Coastal Redwood at its center. When combined with other spaces, the Tree Tops allows for an exclusive VIP experience or merely additional lounges or seating to enjoy and explore. Our unique Diorama glass box performance space can be used to heighten the experience along with numerous nooks and crannies that can be used for activations including photo booths, upscale private lounges and extraordinary viewing opportunities.

Please check with our Events Team for modular spaces and catering packages to fit any needs and our exceptional production facilities that allow you to create world class events both creatively and efficiently.  With a vast array of sound, lighting, projection and talent available, we can accommodate any and all your event needs!

With the top of our iconic Coastal Redwood as a centerpiece from which aerialists can perform and two-story murals depicting Yosemite Valley and Muir Woods on either side, the Tree Tops evokes a sense of wonder at both the natural history it represents as well as the majestic beauty created by the space itself.

This is an adventure through cocktails– elevated but not exclusive; innovative but not overly complex; sophisticated yet humble and accessible. It is where the environment provides a fitting backdrop for a nightlife experience as seen from the top of the Alchemist’s canopy; where each facet of the experience– from service to aerialists, enchanted performers and an abundance of thoughtful creative touches– combine to create a one of a kind hospitality destination.


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