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Pacific Seas

Host Your Event or Film Within A tropical Oasis Hidden Deep Within The Urban Jungle!

The many Lands of Clifton’s Republic provide an extensive variety of offerings to match any occasion or need.  The Pacific Seas houses our legendary 1935 Chris Craft Mahogany boat as its centerpiece and is surrounded by an exquisite collection of authentic Tiki furnishings.  Featuring a stage and a variety of different alcoves and huts, this Tiki masterpiece is sure to make an extraordinary impression on your guests!

Please check with our Events Team for modular spaces and catering packages to fit any needs and our exceptional production facilities that allow you to create world class events both creatively and efficiently.  With a vast array of sound, lighting, projection and talent available, we can accommodate any and all your event needs!

The Pacific Seas invites guests on an adventure—not to a time or a place, but to a sense of wonder. Through the Art Deco Map Room guests find a celebration of the exotic, the mysterious– the unknown; a peek into the Golden Age of Travel through a uniquely Californian take on the romance of mythology and legend.  Bring that sense of wonder to your event!


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