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Coronavirus Resource Community

Info to help our Community

During this unprecedented time, supporting each other is our primary focus.  We are living in an extraordinary time– and we are all in this together!

We are taking tentative bookings for after October 1st for events of 50 guests and larger, however this date may change based upon governmental guidelines and the health and safety of our Associates and Guests. We are not taking any other reservations at this time, though we will be activating our reservations platform soon for reservations for special sneak previews and opening events!

The Neverlands was created to continue the tradition of community, responsibility, service and compassion– the founding principles of Clifton’s and The Edison.  Clifton’s was born out of the Great Depression, an extraordinary era of need, uncertainty, and social upheaval.  Its founder recognized the unprecedented scope of the crisis and realized people needed several primary things to endure: to nourish the spirit and soul as well as the body; and to find community– a place of shared experience, interests and needs.  He answered these needs with imagination, innovation and passion equal to the crisis by crafting the world’s most unique and inspirational fantasy environments– spaces that have inspired generations of guests and Associates for nearly 90 years.

Once again we find our world in crisis, with needs, uncertainty and social upheaval of unprecedented scope and scale.  And once again, we are joining with our community to meet those needs– by fostering imagination, innovation, creativity and the shared magic that is our extended family of Associates and Guests.  Below you will find links to resources that can help you directly.  If you are a hospitality worker (including our own Associates and others) who have found themselves without their expected means of support and income, there are links for support programs, aid, health guidelines, and other useful information. 

We are working to re-open later this year and will back stronger than ever with a full introduction of The Neverlands extraordinary programming!

Cal/OSHA Guidance on Requirements to Protect Workers from Coronavirus

Restaurant Workers Relief Program

USBG Bartender Emergency Assistance Program

EDD CoronaVirus Disaster UI Assistance

Face Mask Guidelines